Scale-Output Module

Once your Write modules are connected, you need some Scale modules to change the resolution output of the Write module. For example, if you export in a high resolution and a low resolution, you need one Scale-Output module.

Set the project’s resolution to the highest resolution needed for this export and use the Scale-Output modules to scale down the other outputs.

DO NOT scale up the output size, that will not provide a good result. It is also better to use the Scale-Output module to scale down in a same aspect ratio so that it does not distort the image.

To add a Scale-Output Module:

1. In the Module Library view, select a Scale-Output module and drag it to the Network view.

2. In the Network view, connect the Composite module to the Input port of the Scale-Output module.

3. In the Network view, connect the Scale-Output module to the input ports of both the Display module and the Write module.

To set the Scale Module:

1. In the Network view, open the Scale-Output module’s editor by clicking on its Properties button.

2. In the Layer Properties dialog box, select a resolution from the suggested Resolution Name list or type new resolution values to indicate the resolution to scale to.

3. Click Close.

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