Showing and Hiding Columns

The Xsheet view has a Column List section that shows all the columns contained in the exposure sheet. It can be used to hide individual columns.

If you need to see a column after it has been hidden, you can display it directly from the Xsheet view without using the Column List section.

You can also hide an entire column type, such as Drawing or Sound.

When a column is hidden in the Xsheet view, the corresponding layer is disabled in the Timeline view.

To show or hide columns in the Xsheet view:

1. In the Xsheet View toolbar, click the Show Column List button.
2. Click the Expand button on the right side of the Functions section to display the Column List section.
3. In the Column List section, select the columns to display and deselect the columns to hide. You can also click the Hide Selected Column button in the Xsheet View toolbar’s extra buttons.

To show a hidden column from the Xsheet view:

1. In the Xsheet view, click on the thick grey line that represents a hidden column. You can also right-click on the column header and select Show Hidden Columns.

The Show Hidden Columns dialog box opens.

2. In the Show column, select the hidden columns you want to display in the Xsheet view.
Click Check to select all the selected columns.
Click Uncheck to deselcted all selected columns.

In Toon Boom Harmony, in the Xsheet view menu, you can select View > Unhide All Columns.

To hide a column type:

1. In the Column List section, click the Column Type button corresponding to the type you want to show or hide.

The Show/Hide All Columns button shows or hides every column available in the Xsheet view.
The Show Drawing Columns button shows the Drawing columns.
The Show Function Columns button shows the Bezier and Ease function columns.
The Show 3D Path Columns button shows the 3D Path function columns.
The Show Sound Columns button shows the Drawing columns.
The Show 3D Rotation Columns button shows the 3D Rotation columns.
The Show Annotation Columns button shows the Annotation columns.

To show or hide function columns on the left side of the Xsheet view:

Right-click on a column and select Tag > Function Columns Visible or Function Columns Invisible.

Column Types Manager

As you work in Harmony Xsheet, some columns may be in the way or are used as references. You can hide these columns to declutter your work area. In the Xsheet view, you can hide or show certain types of columns, such as Annotation and Function.

To show and hide column types:

1. In the Xsheet View menu, select View > Column Types Manager.

The Column Types dialog box opens.

2. Select the types of columns you want to display and deselect the ones you want to hide.
3. Click Set As Default to make these new settings the default ones used each time you start the application. Click Restore Default to restore the settings used when installing the application.

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