Scene Palette List and Element Palette List

There are two types of palette lists:

Scene Palette List
Element Palette List
Refer to the Colour Preferences topic in this chapter to learn how to enable and disable the Element Palette List mode.

Scene Palette List

The Scene Palette List is mainly used with cut-out animation. A cut-out character will often be divided in twenty to thirty different drawing elements that use the character’s master palette.

The palette list is stored at the scene level instead of the Element directory. This way, all palettes linked to this list will appear in every drawing element created in the scene. There is no need to manually load the palette in each element.

The Scene Palette List is the simplest one to use. By default, Toon Boom Harmony is set to use only Scene Palette Lists.

Element Palette List

In Toon Boom Harmony, you can switch to Advanced Palette Lists mode and choose to save your palette at an element’s level. The Element Palette List is mainly used with Traditional and Paperless animation. Unlike Cut-out animation, all columns (drawing elements) contain different characters, props, backgrounds and effects. The Element Palette List is used because you do not necessarily want all of the palettes for all of your elements linked in every column.

The palette list is stored in the drawing element’s directory instead of directly in the Scene level. This ensures that the links to the palettes appear only in the appropriate element. If you prefer to access a global palette list, link your palettes to the Scene Palette List.

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