Creating a Job

Each job must have a unique name. You cannot have two jobs with the same name, even if they appear in two different environments. On the server, all the jobs are contained in the same folder.

To create a job:

1. In the Environments section, select the project in which you want to create your new job.
2. In the top menu, select Job > Create or you can also right-click in the Jobs section and select Create.

The Create Job dialog box appears.

3. In the Name field, type the name of the job you want to create.
The job name is alphanumeric and can include underscores (_), but no spaces or other special characters. The job name is case sensitive.
4. In the TD drop-down menu, select a technical director (TD). You must select a technical director to create the job.

A TD is usually the person who oversees the animation project and makes sure the work is done properly. Select the person who most closely resembles this definition. If you do not have a particular user for the task, you can simply assign usabatch.

When you create your Harmony users, you can label a user as a technical director (TD).

5. In the ATD drop-down menu, select an assistant technical director (ATD). You must select an assistant technical director to create the Job. If you don't have an ATD select the same person for the TD and ATD jobs.

In some studios, the responsibilities of the technical director can be shared by more than one person. This second person is the ATD.

The technical director and assistant technical director you select appear in the Scenes list for each scene of the job.

6. In the Approval drop-down menu, select how Harmony will mark the various stages the scenes will pass in your production schedule.
Automatic: When you work on your scenes, Harmony automatically approves their status at each stage
Manual: When you work on the scenes, the technical director or the assistant technical director must approve their status at each stage using the Change Stage command (available in the Scene menu).
7. Drag the Priority slider handle to increase or decrease the job's priority (0 means the Job has the highest priority for processing through the Vectorize or Render queue and a job with a priority of 10 is the least important). Jobs with higher priorities will pass in front of other projects with lower priorities in the rendering and vectorizing queues even if there is already a queue processing.

If you do not know what priority to assign to your project, you can leave it at 5. You always have the possibility to change it later.

8. Click on the OK button to complete the operation.

The Control Center module adds your new job to the selected environment and it appears in alphabetical order in the Jobs list.

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