Troubleshooting Activation Problems

The following page covers common problems faced when activating a Toon Boom product. If you are still having issues after following these steps, feel free to contact support for assistance.

An application can't be opened because the identify of the developer cannot be confirmed

On macOS, the first time you launch any Toon Boom application, it must be launched by a user with administrator privileges. This is because macOS cannot confirm the identity of the developer and blocks unidentified applications by default. This includes License Wizard, which is central to the activation process for Toon Boom products. Once the application is launched for the first time by an administrator, it becomes permanently approved for launching by other users.

Error -1

This error typically occurs on macOS if there is a permission problem with the license activation service. You can try to fix this by running a very simple fix utility that re-installs the activation service.

Error 50041 - Cannot connect to activation server

This error occurs when License Wizard is not able to communicate with the license server. If you are attempting to activate your product by signing in to your Toon Boom account or by entering your product code in the Internet Activation dialog, your machine must have a direct connection to the Internet for the activation procedure to be successful.

The following are typical causes for License Wizard to fail contacting the license server:

  • Your computer has a problem with its Internet connection. Check that your network connection is in order and that you can load a website in a web browser.
  • Your computer is configured to connect to the Internet through a proxy. To activate your product, you should temporarily allow your computer to connect to the Internet directly.
  • Your firewall or network is configured to block access to the Internet or to non-whitelisted sites. Make sure that your firewall allows outgoing connection through port 443 and that access to is allowed.
  • The license server is too busy. This occurs if many users try to activate simultaneously and is only temporary. You can try activating your product again and see if it works.

Once a product is activated, its license will remain valid until its expiration, even if you do not have Internet access. Hence, you can re-enable your proxy, firewall or internet filtering settings once the activation is successful. However, you will to re-enable direct access to the Toon Boom license server if you need to activate a product again.

Likewise, if you have a monthly or yearly desktop subscription, License Wizard needs to renew your license at the end of every subscription period. This also requires direct access to the license server through the Internet. Hence, if you have issues renewing your license at the end of your subscription period, make sure that you disable your proxy and allow connections to the license server or to the Internet, then try again.

If you want to activate a product code on a machine that cannot be given access to the Internet, you can activate your product code by email: