Starting the License Wizard

License Wizard is the application used to activate a product, manage activated licenses, install a license server or connect to a license server.


If you are launching License Wizard for the first time, you will be prompted to give it elevated privileges. This is because License Wizard needs to install the activation service for your product. To do this, you should be logged-in to an account with administrator privileges. You can also do this from a regular user account, provided that you can enter the username and password of an account with administrator privileges when prompted.


Harmony 17 or later and Storyboard Pro 7 or later

To launch License Wizard, you must first launch the main application, then run License Wizard from the top menu.

[Product Name] 16 or earlier and Storyboard Pro 6 or earlier

If you are launching License Wizard for the first time, you need to launch it from an administrator account, authorize the application for launch, then give it permission to install the activation service. Once this is done, you will be able to launch License Wizard from any user account.


On GNU/Linux, you must launch License Wizard with elevated privileges. You can launch License Wizard from a terminal. Starting with [Product Name] 15.0 and later, you can also launch it from the Applications menu in GNOME.