Vectorization and Clean-up

After recording your stop-motion animation, you may notice that your character was not as cleanly keyed as you would like. The fastest way to resolve this is to perform a clean-up. However, you cannot execute a clean-up without first converting your bitmap image sequence into vectors with a bitmap texture fill.

To vectorize and clean up your image sequence:

1. In the Timeline view, select and right-click on one of the cells in the Image Capture layer and
2. select Convert Element to Vector.

A new Drawing layer appears above the original layer with the same number of cells converted into vectors.

3. In the Timeline view, select the first cell of the Image Capture layer.
4. In the Drawing view, use the Contour Editor  tool to delete or move vector points until you have a clean outline around the bitmap fill. To quickly reduce the amount of points to clean, using the Contour Editor tool, select the drawing to clean and select Tools > Smooth.

5. Scrub through your animation to check for any anomalies in the contour of your character.