Adding an Empty Sound Layer

When performing sound editing tasks, it can be useful to chop up a sound sample into different layers. For example, when performing a lip-sync, only a single view of the various mouth positions for a character can exist on one layer. Therefore, if you want your character to turn its head from a profile view to a three-quarter view and have mouth position changes to fit with the sound sample from these two different views, you would need to cut-up the sound samples needed for the profile view mouth positions on one layer and the sound samples needed for the three-quarter view on another. For this task, you will need an empty sound layer.

To add an empty sound layer:

In the Exposure Sheet view, click the Add Sound button in the Exposure Sheet View toolbar or select Add > Sound from the Exposure Sheet view contextual menu.
In the Timeline view, select New > Sound from the Timeline view contextual menu.
Select Element > Add > Sound.

An empty sound element appears in the Exposure Sheet and Timeline view.