Accessing the Sound and Lip-sync Tools

Before you can import sounds and add sync them to a character`s mouth, you will need to know how to access the sound and lip-sync tools. There are three tools you can use:

Lip-sync View: The Lip-sync view is where you can create and map mouth charts, as well as import mouth templates for your characters.To open the Lip-sync view:Select a sound layer from the Timeline view or a cell in the Exposure Sheet view.Do one of the following:From the Sound toolbar (Top toolbar on Mac OS X), click the Lip-sync button.In the Properties panel, click the Lip-sync button.

Sound Element Editor: The Sound Element Editor is where you edit sounds that were created outside of Studio and imported into your scene.

Import Sound: Lets you locate and select sound files to import.

Sound Toolbar

The Sound toolbar lets you access the Lip-sync view, Sound Element Editor view, and import sound. The Sound toolbar is located at the top of the screen in Studio.

Sound Layer Properties

Once you have imported a sound file, you can easily access the Sound element editor and Lip-sync views from layer properties.

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