Importing AI and PDF Files

In Toon Boom Studio, you can import a vector-based Adobe Illustrator or PDF file and preserve its layering when you enable the option during the import. Studio creates a drawing layer for every layer contained in the AI file or creates a drawing layer and separate drawing frames for each page contained in the PDF file.

Studio supports Adobe Illustrator files from version 5. You must create a PDF compatible file when you save Adobe Illustrator CS files to be able to import them into Studio.

When you import an Adobe Illustrator or PDF file, Studio:

Converts CMYK colours to RGB.
You can convert the colour space of your Adobe Illustrator or PDF files when you save them. See Adobe Illustrator documentation for instructions. However, to ensure the colour results you want, develop your web colours in the web-safe RGB palette.
Displays objects that were hidden in the Adobe Illustrator file.
Does not import text. You must convert text to outlines to import it.
Does not import global colour swatches from V8 and under.
Does not convert transparent objects drawn with the Brush tool.
If your Adobe Illustrator file contains bitmaps, be sure those bitmaps are copied into the file. If they are linked, Toon Boom Studio can not import them.

To import multilayered AI or PDF files:

1. Select File > Import File.

The Open browser opens.

2. Browse for an .ai or .pdf image file and click Open.

The Import Options dialog box opens.

3. Preserve original layers of illustrator documents: By default this option is disabled. When you import the .ai or .pdf file, the layers and the pages are flattened. Select this option to preserve the Adobe Illustrator file layering, which creates a different drawing for each layer contained in your AI file.
4. Click OK.

To import an Illustrator or PDF file in an already existing drawing layer:

1. In the Timeline or Exposure Sheet view, select a cell in the drawing layer into which you want to import the image.
2. Right-click in the selected cell and select Import Illustrator.

The Open browser opens.

3. Select an .ai or .pdf file. You can select multiple image files if needed.
4. Click OK.

An information dialog box opens, notifying you that the layers will not be preserved but that you can use the File > Import File command to import your files and preserve its layers.

5. Click OK.

The image is imported in the selected cell.