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In addition to the Online Help available at, there are other useful documents at your disposal. Learn how to get the most out of Studio with our easy-to-use documentation package:

Getting Started Guide

In Studio, select Help > Getting Started to open this quick Toon Boom Studio overview.


To view a short description of a menu command or toolbar button, known as a tooltip, simply hover over a button with your mouse.

Context-Sensitive Help

To view a brief, but somewhat more detailed description of a menu command or toolbar button, select Help > What's This and then click on the item. A pop-up window opens, displaying pertinent information regarding the item you clicked on.

Online Resources

Toon Boom's Resources tools, available at, will help you to broaden your Studio and general animating skills. Choose from basic to advanced tools to take your animation know-how to the next level. You can also open the Resources page from Studio:

Select Help > Toon Boom on the Web to open the Toon Boom website in your default web browser. Select Home Users > Studio > Resources.

Workout Series

The Toon Boom Animation Workout Series is a dedicated program of exercises designed to help you develop the skills and techniques necessary to get the most out of Studio. Sharpen your skills while raising your endorphins!

Video Lessons

Studio Training Videos are the perfect way to gain first-hand instruction on how to use the software.


Video and print tutorials will get you started and introduce you to the application one step at a time.

Tips and Tricks

From bitmaps to going bananas (with rotoscoping), from model sheets to motion points, visit the Tips and Tricks resource section on the Toon Boom website for nifty pointers on how to get the most - and the most fun - from your animation projects.


Use the ready-made templates to create an animation quickly and easily, while learning how to draw and animate in the cut-out style!

A wide variety of character and prop collections are available in our online store.

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Get Help and Hone Your Skills!

Knowledge Base

Find answers to your Studio questions in the Knowledge Base, located on our website at:

User Forum

Registered Studio members can access and post questions, queries and comments on the User Forum. Share your thoughts and learn what others in the Toon Boom community are up to, or simply view the Forum content as a guest.

Animation Glossary

A comprehensive glossary of terms is available on the Toon Boom website. Access it through the Knowledge Base at: