Toon Boom Studio 8 Release Notes

Here are the new features and improvements in Toon Boom Studio 8:

Important Information

What's New in Toon Boom Studio?

Take advantage of this action-packed Toon Boom Studio! As never seen before!


Instant Motion

Draw a trajectory and follow the line!
Just draw and watch it move. This tool makes the animation for you!

Instant Talking

Import sound! Lip-sync as easy as 1,2,3!
The brand new and revamped lip-sync engine.

Instant Blockbuster Effects

Make the action happen! Movie magic just one click away.
54! All new thrilling, action special effects. Create great blockbusters with the new Shatter, Magic, Splash, Explosion, Fire and Celestial.

Instant Natural Movement

Introducing the soft and smooth bone movement collection.
Make your bone rigs look smooth and flowy.

Instant Storyline

Direct your movie! Start the action!
All new scene transitions available in Toon Boom Studio.


(PC) New default layout.
(PC) Direct 3D is the new default renderer.
Preview Effect window for viewing effects as you adjust them.
Camera default size set to 1280 x 720.
Storyline view in the workspace (replaces the Scene manager window).
Getting Started Guide for quickly learning Studio.
Cameras have a parented peg, making them ready to animate.
Easier adjustment of the square region of influence of bones.
Improved bone parenting.
On the Surface Pro tablet, straight horizontal lines are no longer automatically created while drawing.
Improved Drop Shadow effect manipulator.
Improved Facebook export.
Use of X, Y, and Z axis values instead of North, East, West, South coordinates (coordinates are still supported).
Blur effect’s default radius value is set to 3.

Important Information


The preferences for your former version of Toon Boom Studio will not be carried over to the new version. You must re-establish your preferences for Toon Boom Studio 8.


Installation of Studio 8 will not uninstall previous versions. You can continue to use the previous versions.


Toon Boom Studio 8 requires a new license version 8 to run.

Backward Compatibility

All projects created with previous versions of Toon Boom Studio will open in 8, but not vice versa. This means that all projects saved in version 8 will be converted to the version 8 file format and will no longer be accessible in previous versions.


Due to the compatibility of Toon Boom Studio 8 and previous versions, you will receive a message whenever saving an older project in version 8. This message states that the respective project will be converted to version 8 and does not constitute an error message.