Chapter 10: Animating a Cut-out Puppet

Once you import your cut-out puppet into your Studio project, you can start animating it.

To animate a puppet:

1. In the Animation Tools toolbar, select the Transform tool or select
Tools > Animation Tools > Transform or press [7].
2. In the Timeline view, go to the frame where you want to set the first pose of your puppet.

3. In the Camera or Timeline view, select the parts to animate.
If your puppet is collapsed, click the top layer arrow to expand it.

4. Use the Transform tool to rotate, skew, scale or translate the selection to its new position.

A keyframe is created in the Timeline view. If your puppet is collapsed, note that you do not see the keyframe on the master peg layer.

If you expand the elements of your puppet by clicking the arrow next to the master peg element, you will notice a red square on the parent element of the element you moved. This is an indication that a child of this element has a keyframe.
A black square on the element you moved represents the keyframe.
5. In the Timeline view, go to the frame where you want to set a second keyframe.

6. In the Camera view, animate your character.

Once you position your puppet, you can create a keyframe for all the elements of your collapsed puppet and block the complete body at a specific frame.

To block the entire body position:

1. In the Timeline view, on the master peg, select the frame at which you want to block your puppet's position.
2. Select Element > Peg > Add Keyframe or press [l].