Adjusting the In and Out Points of Video Clips

You can trim off the beginning and the end of video clips so as to only play a specific part of the clip in your animatic. This is also referred to as changing the in and out points of a clip.

You can trim off parts of a clip in the Timeline view simply by dragging one of its left or right edges towards its middle. If you trim off part of a video clip, the trimmed off part does not get deleted. At any time, you can extend the edges of the clip back to their original position to restore the parts that were trimmed off.

Since you can import images as video clips, and that, contrary to movies, images do not have a set length, you can use the same method to adjust the cue time and length of image clips in video tracks. While you cannot extend a video clip's length beyond the movie file's original length, you can extend an image clip's length indefinitely, since it an image clip simply displays the still image during its entire duration.