About Video Tracks


Video tracks are tracks in which you can insert still images or videos, which are referred to as video clips, and which will appear over your animatic. The clips in video tracks can be cued and clipped at any time in your animatic, and they are independent from the scenes, panels and layers in your storyboard.

By default, a Storyboard Pro project does not have any video track. Video tracks can be added and managed using the Timeline view.

Your project can have several video tracks. If more than one video track plays a clip at the same time, the order of the video tracks in the Timeline view will determine the order in which they appear in the stage. Just like layers in a panel, video tracks at the top are rendered over video tracks underneath them. Video tracks in your project can be reordered as needed.

When adding a video track to your project, it is added over the storyboard track, which contains your animatic. However, it is also possible to move a video track underneath the storyboard track. This means all its clips will appear behind the artwork and objects in your panels. This can be useful, for example, if you want to use the same background throughout several panels or scenes. Note however that video clips are not affected by camera movements in your scenes.