Changing the Panel Duration


There are two ways to resize a panel, depending on how you want the change to affect subsequent panels. You can resize a panel in the Timeline view and shift all other panels down. This is handy when you are not concerned about modifying the position of all subsequent panels. Or you can resize a panel while only affecting the next panel. This is useful if you need to keep subsequent panels exactly where they are.

An accurate way of setting the duration of a panel is to use the Panel view, which will display, among other things, the exact timecode information for the selected panel. You can also use the Add Frame to Panel and Remove Frame from Panel commands, in the Storyboard Pro menu, to adjust the length of the selected panel frame by frame.

NOTE When you change the duration of a panel, its camera and layer keyframes are repositioned. However, if you change the length of a panel one frame at a time, the position of keyframes might not follow. This is because keyframes can only be positioned on whole frames, so they cannot be shifted by distances too small.