About Project Management


The project management functionalities of Storyboard Pro allow you to split your storyboard into several small projects so that several contributors can work on parts of the project simultaneously. You can then merge the separated projects back into a single project.

There are two approaches to separating your storyboard into smaller projects:

  • Splitting: Separates the current project into two projects. You can create two new projects, each of which make half of the current project, and keep the current project as the master project, or you can take out half of the scenes of the current project into another project, making the current project the other half.
  • Extracting: Exports selected parts of the current project into one or several smaller projects. This allows you to split your project into more than two smaller projects. Like with splitting, you can choose to extract the whole storyboard into smaller projects and keep the current project as the master project, or you can remove the extracted chunks from the current project, making the current project one of the chunks that are part of the whole project.

There are three approaches to merging parts of a storyboard into a single project:

  • Inserting: Simply adds a single project's scenes into the current project.
  • Merging: Allows you to add the scenes from one or several projects to the current project. You can decide in which order each project is added to the current project, and whether they are added before or after the current project's scenes.
  • Merging and Replacing: Allows you to replace the scenes in the current project with scenes from extracted projects. This is the method to use if you want to import changes made in extracted projects into the master project, as it will replace the master project's original scenes with the updated scenes. This method allows you to select which scenes to import from the smaller projects. If some scenes in the projects being imported cannot be matched with a scene in the current project, they will be added at the end of the current project.