Setting a Default Layer Layout for New Panels

After you've set up layers in a panel, you can decide that the layout of the layers in this panel should be the default layout to use when creating new panels. This can save you time when creating panels for your storyboard, as you won't have to create, name and organize layers you need to have in each panel over and over again.

When you create a default layout, it is based on the layout in the current panel. It will include the layers, their name, their layer type (vector or bitmap), the layer groups and their hierarchy and the order in which layers are ordered in the panel. However, it will not preserve the artwork in the layers of the current panel. Hence, if you have a panel with an ideal layer layout but which already contains artwork, you can simply use that panel to create the default layout. New panels will have the same layer layout, but will not contain any artwork.

NOTE The default layer layout is saved to your preferences and is applied every time you create a new panel in any project.