Creating Sequences


A sequence is a way of grouping scenes together. Using them is optional, but they can help organize your storyboard. For example, you can use sequences to group scenes that are part of the same setting together.

When you start building a storyboard, by default, your scenes will not be part of any sequence. To use sequences in your project, you can take one of the two following approaches:

  • After you have created all the scenes that should be part of your first sequence, simply use the New Sequence command to create your next scene. All the scenes that are already in your project will be grouped together in the first sequence of your project, and a new scene, which will kick off the second sequence, will be added at the end of your project.
  • From that point on, you can use the New Sequence command whenever you have to create a scene that should start off another sequence.

  • After you have created all the scenes required for your project, you can split your storyboard into sequences by selecting scenes that should be part of the same sequence, grouping them together in a new sequence, and repeating the process until every scene is in the appropriate sequence.
NOTE In live action terminology, a sequence is referred to as a scene, whereas what is referred to as scenes in animation terminology is instead referred to as shots.