soundSequenceInterface Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 soundSequenceInterface (unsigned startFrame, unsigned endFrame, float startTime, float stopTime, String &name, String &filename)
Q_INVOKABLE unsigned startFrame ()
Q_INVOKABLE unsigned stopFrame ()
Q_INVOKABLE float startTime ()
Q_INVOKABLE float stopTime ()
Q_INVOKABLE String & name ()
Q_INVOKABLE String & filename ()


unsigned startFrame READ
unsigned stopFrame READ
float startTime
float stopTime
String name
String filename

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ soundSequenceInterface()

soundSequenceInterface::soundSequenceInterface ( unsigned  startFrame,
unsigned  endFrame,
float  startTime,
float  stopTime,
String &  name,
String &  filename 

Member Function Documentation

◆ filename()

Q_INVOKABLE String& soundSequenceInterface::filename ( )

path resolved filename

◆ name()

Q_INVOKABLE String& soundSequenceInterface::name ( )

named of this sound sequence - derived from the filename

◆ startFrame()

Q_INVOKABLE unsigned soundSequenceInterface::startFrame ( )

returns the start frame of this sound sequence, 1 based.

◆ startTime()

Q_INVOKABLE float soundSequenceInterface::startTime ( )

returns the start time in second from the beginning of the sound file. The start time is sync with ths start frame.

◆ stopFrame()

Q_INVOKABLE unsigned soundSequenceInterface::stopFrame ( )

returns the stop frame of this sound sequence, value is 1 based

◆ stopTime()

Q_INVOKABLE float soundSequenceInterface::stopTime ( )

returns the stop time in second. sound will stop playing when reaching either the stop time or the stop frame, whichever comes first

Property Documentation

◆ filename

String soundSequenceInterface::filename

◆ name

String soundSequenceInterface::name

◆ READ [1/2]

unsigned stopFrame soundSequenceInterface::READ

◆ READ [2/2]

unsigned startFrame soundSequenceInterface::READ

◆ startTime

float soundSequenceInterface::startTime

◆ stopTime

float soundSequenceInterface::stopTime