Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CaboutReturns information about the current application running the script and its environment. You can use it in both Script Editor and scriptModule
 CActionAction interface is used to perform menu or tool bar functions
 CCaptionManagerThe CaptionManager JavaScript class. Access the caption properties of a panel
 CCheckBoxSimplified CheckBox widget
 CComboBoxSimplified ComboBox widget
 CDateEditSimplified DateEdit widget
 CDateEditEnumEnum class for simplified DateEdit class - specifies display order of day, month, year
 CDialogSimplified Dialog widget. This class and the associated widget classes are used to build simple dialogs
 CDirInterface to operating system Dir operations, ie, mkdir, rmdir, rename, etc
 CDirSpecEnum for directory operations
 CDrawingToolParamsDrawingTool params class - used as parameters in drawingTools calls
 CExportManagerThe ExportManager JavaScript class. Export a Storyboard project to an image list or a QuickTime movie
 CFileInterface to operating system File operations, ie open, close, read, write..
 CFileAccessEnum to define file operation
 CFileDialogSimplified FileDialog interface
 CfileMapperMap paths from one format to another
 CframeThe frame JavaScript global object get, set and offset the current frame
 CFunctionManagerWith the Function Manager, you can manipulate the camera functions and the layer functions. Note that for all methods you must give the unique id. For the camera, this is the sceneId. For a layer functions, this is the panelId
 CGroupBoxSimplified GroupBox widget
 CInputAccess to Simplified Input Dialogs
 CLabelSimplified Label widget
 CLayerManagerThe LayerManager JavaScript class. Access the layers of a given panel
 CLineEditSimplified LineEdit widget. Note that this widget is derived from Label, so also has a label property
 CMessageBoxSimplified MessageBox widget
 CMessageLogAllows the user to print messages to the message log window
 CMotionManagerThis interface is used to access the shot cameras or the panel layers, and add or remove motion to them
 CNumberEditSimplified NumberEdit widget
 CPenstyleManagerThis set of functions is used to query/modify the current penstyle and list of penstyles. The list of penstyles includes the brush, pencil and texture styles
 CpreferencesWith the Preferences functions, you can retrieve information about the whole preference system. The user can set and retrieve the value of any preferences in the software
 CPrjMgtManagerThis interface is used to merge/extract another storyboard into the main storyboard
 CProcessUsed to launch an external process. Processes can be instantiated in the scripting environment
 CPropertiesManagerThis interface is used to access the properties of the storyboard project
 CRadioButtonSimplified RadioButton widget
 CsceneThe scene JavaScript global object. Retrieve and set global scene attributes, like the aspect ratio of the cells in the scene grid
 CSelectionManagerThe SelectionManager JavaScript class. Access and select the Storyboard visual panel, scene, sequence or layers
 CSliderSimplified slider widget
 CSoundTrackManagerThis interface is used to access the audio tracks of a storyboard project
 CspecialFoldersBy using the SpecialFolders functions, you can retrieve information about the different folders (directories) used by the application. All of the functions are read-only. They return strings that represent folders in use by the various applications. Depending on the application (e.g. Toon Boom Harmony versus Toon Boom AnimatePro), the same content is stored in a different location
 CSpinBoxSimplified SpinBox widget
 CStoryboardManagerThe StoryboardManager JavaScript class. Access the main storyboard project and its components
 CTextEditSimplified TextEdit widget
 CTimeEditSimplified TimeEdit widget
 CTimeLineMarkerThe TimelineMarker JavaScript global object. Remove or edit timeline markers
 CToolPresetManagerThe ToolPresetManager JavaScript class. Provides methods to set the current tool preset
 CUiloaderThe UILoader interface allows the user to load pre-defined Qt forms that define Qt widgets (generally built within Qt Designer). This allows users to build complex dialogs, using all of the pre-defined widgets that Qt4.8 supports. See Qt documentation for further details:
 CviewThe View functions provide information about the contents of selected View windows