Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 6.0.4 Release Notes

Here is the list of changes in Storyboard Pro 6.0.4, build (2019-06-19):


  • When importing a sequence for conformation, if a file is missing, a dialog prompt will indicate the name of the file and its expected location, and will prompt you to choose between skipping the file, skipping all missing files or to browsing for the file.
  • The way Storyboard Pro initializes the DirectSound interface on Windows has been modernized, which may increase the stability and reliability of audio playback as well as prevent playback issues.

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been fixed:

  • When opening a project on Windows, Storyboard Pro sometimes fails to initialize the audio device, preventing audio playback.
  • Crash when importing movie files into a project on certain macOS workstations.
  • Freeze when importing an XML sequence for conformation if the XML sequence uses PSD images.
  • Attempting to save a project inside its own directory using the Save As command causes an error message which keeps reappearing indefinitely.
  • Storyboard Pro fails to import an XML sequence for conformation if the XML file was created with the XtoCC utility.
  • Storyboard Pro fails to connect to the license server when its port and address are specified in the TOONBOOM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable in the port@hostname format.
  • On macOS, the mouse cursor changes to the default arrow pointer when a system notification pops up.
  • The Thumbnail view does not automatically scroll left or right when clicking and dragging on a layer near the left or right edge of the view.
  • Project frame rate always changes to 24 when importing a sequence for conformation with only the Process Audio option enabled.
  • Drawing slowly using a pen tablet on a bitmap layer on macOS results in shaky lines.
  • When drawing a very long brush stroke, then immediately drawing another stroke, the second stroke starts off with a straight line segment.
  • The Perspective tool performs excessive smoothing on short vector lines in the selected artwork.
  • When exporting a PDF, if the Sub Page Number parameter of the PDF profile contains a letter instead of a number, the letter will not be incremented. Instead, a number will be added after the letter.
  • Adding the Merge Layer button to the Layer toolbar does not work unless several layers are selected, and the button disappears when a single layer is selected.

  • On macOS, when launching Storyboard Pro for the first time, the Toon Boom Customer Experience Improvement Program prompt may get stuck behind the Welcome screen, making the Welcome screen inaccessible.
  • When exporting a project for conformation in XML format and replacing an existing file, a back-up of the existing file is created.