Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the new features, changes and improvements in Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 5.1.1, build


Feature Description
Project Management It is now possible to extract or split a project in SBPZ format.
Packed File (.sbpz) Removed the dialog box that allows the closing of a project without saving, when the saving to a SBPZ file is cancelled or fails. If saving to the SBPZ fails, use the “Save As” command to save to a different location or a different format.
New icons for Packed Project (.sbpz) files.
Prompt for recovery when opening a project by double-clicking it in a file browser, and there is a project in the cache left after a crash.
Improve project recovery dialog box to have the option to recover, skip or delete the recovered project.
Packed projects (.sbpz) can now be used with merge and insert project management commands.
Prompt to save when closing a recovered project, and no changes have been done in the current session.

Added a hidden preference called “PROJECT_CACHE_FOLDER_ROOT” that is used to specify the location of the project cache used when opening a SBPZ file:

PROJECT_CACHE_FOLDER_ROOT: If this preference is empty, StoryboardPro will use the default location to unpack SBPZ files when they are opened. Environment variables are supported, $VARNAME or ${VARNAME} on MacOS and %VARNAME% on Windows. For example:

<if condition="windows">


value="%TEMP%/StoryboardPro Project Cache"

shortDesc="Root folder used for unpacking projects. "




Storyboard Backup Files (.sboard) Display a list of available .sboard files when opening a .sbbkp, and none of the .sboard files match the name of the archive.
3D Schematic Added shortcut commands to select parent and child sub-objects, as well as siblings. These shortcut commands are in the 3D Schematic category and are named as follows: Select Child Subnode, Select Next Sibling Subnode, Select Parent Subnode, Select Previous Sibling Subnode.


  • Fixed: Saving to SBPZ files that are larger than 4GB on Windows platform.
  • Fixed: A possible crash on undo after dropping a template containing 3D models in a scene.
  • Fixed: A crash with the select by colour, when multiple layers were selected and one of them was empty.
  • Fixed: Language detection on Mac OS Sierra. It was not detecting Japanese and Chinese locale and was starting in English.
  • Added support for 23.876 NDF timecode in XML exports.
  • Fixed: The colour of the lock/unlock scale ratio buttons in the Tool properties when using the light coloured interface.
  • Fixed: Duplicating a panel will not use the right shared drawing when multiple shared drawings have the same name.
  • Fixed: Crash when project merge dialog is opened and double-clicking a project in a file browser.
  • Fixed: Changes to .sboard are saved in .sbpz when closing project and clicking "Don't Save".
  • Fixed: Changes made prior to the Save As command and saved in the cache, are not saved in packed file when using the Save As command to save to a regular .sboard.
  • Fixed: Packed project (.sbpz) can be corrupted or deleted if Storyboard Pro is closed during the save operation, after using the File > Save and Pack command.
  • Fixed: No validation for project with the same name when creating a new project in .sbpz format.
  • Fixed: A copy of the current .sboard is created when using Save As.
  • Fixed: Wrong project is open from a .sbbkp file when multiple .sboard are in the backup. Storyboard Pro will open the .sboard that has the same name as .sbbkp file.
  • Fixed: A special case where the Create Project button was grayed out after typing the project name and project title.
  • Fixed: Canvas size of new bitmap layer that did not use default values after creating a template.
  • Fixed: Unselecting vector strokes using SHIFT with the perspective tool, unselects the whole selection.
  • Fixed: Templates created in Harmony have static transformation on sub-object; these cannot be imported in Storyboard Pro.