Storyboard View

The Storyboard view displays basic information about your project. It also allows you to write, import, view and edit the script for your storyboard.

For tasks related to this view, see Creating Projects from Final Draft.

Icon Tool Name Description

Project Information

A collapsible section that displays the following information: duration, number of acts, sequences, scenes, panels, and transitions.

Text Formatting

Displays the Text Formatting toolbar for formatting the text in the Script caption area.


When there are two or more panels present, resizes the panel in three different sizes: opens panel fully, opens mid-sized panel or collapses the panel.

Caption Menu

Lets you access commands for adding, importing, deleting and renaming captions. You can also import scripts created in Final Draft—see Creating Projects from Final Draft.


Script Caption

Like panel captions, storyboard captions are fully customizable. The difference is that the information you store here is relevant for the entire storyboard, rather than for a specific panel. This default caption field is specifically there for your script.