Colour View

The Colour view is where you create colours; it is also necessary for drawing and painting.

For related tasks, see About Colour.

Icon Tool Name Description

Current colour


Displays the currently selected colour swatch.

Display Mode menu

Lets you change the display mode to HSV or RGB.

Delete Colour

The Delete Colour button lets you delete a selected colour swatch from the Colour view.

Add Colour

Lets you create a new colour swatch from the current colour. The new colour swatch is added at the end of the colour swatches.

Colour view menu

Lets you create new colours and textures, delete colours, switch the display mode from swatch to list, import and export colours and save palettes.

Colour swatches


Displays the currently available colours. When you create new colour swatches, they are added to the end of the list.