Storyboard Toolbar

The Storyboard toolbar contains all of the basic commands related to adding and deleting panels, scenes, and transitions, as well as switching between the 2D and 3D workspaces. In the default workspace, this toolbar is located at the top of the interface.

Name Icon Description


Enable 3D

Converts a scene to 3D so you can move and rotate 2D objects in 3D space.

Select Storyboard > Enable 3D for Current Scene.

Reset Scene to 2D

Reset a scene to 2D. When you do so:

Imported 3D models are removed.
3D camera moves are removed.
2D layers that have been moved and rotated in 3D are be set back to 2D, removing those transformations.

Select Storyboard > Reset Scene to 2D.

New Panel

Creates a new panel after the current panel. However, you can create a new panel before the current panel. You can also create a new panel that contains elements (layers) from another panel.

Select Storyboard > New > New Panel or press P.

New Scene

Creates a new scene after the currently selected scene.

Select Storyboard > Create Scene.

New Sequence

Adds a new sequence to your project and displays the sequence markers in the Thumbnails and Timeline views.

Select Storyboard New > New Sequence.

Smart Add Panel


Select Storyboard > Smart Add Panel.

Duplicate Selected Panel

Creates an exact copy of an existing panel.

Select Storyboard > Duplicate Selected Panel.

Delete Selected Panel

Deletes a selected panel. Note that it is impossible to have an empty project as there is a minimum of one panel.


New Transition

  Select Storyboard > New Transition.

Delete Transition


Select Storyboard > Delete Transition.