Dropper Tool Properties

The Dropper tool allows you to pick a colour from your drawing without going to the Colour view.

NOTE When picking a colour with the dropper, the colour picked becomes the current colour, but is not automatically added to the swatch list.

NOTE For tasks related to this tool, see Using the Dropper Tool.
Icon Property Description

Sample All Layers

By default, the Dropper tool picks the colour from the active drawing layer only. This means that if the colour is semi-transparent, it will still only take the colour from the active layer, along with its transparency, and ignore the colours from layers behind it.

With this option enabled, the Dropper tool will pick the colour as it appears on the screen instead, allowing you to pick colours that are the result of several layers composited together.

Do Not Pick Transparency

By default, the Dropper tool picks the colour's alpha value as well as its colour values. When enabled, the colour picked will always have an alpha value of 255.