Tools Menu

The Tools menu lets you access all the main tools you need to work in Storyboard Pro.

Command Description


Allows you to select and reposition, scale, rotate and skew brush strokes, pencil lines, shapes and other parts of your artwork.

Select by Colour

Lets you rapidly select all drawing parts painted or drawn with the colour you have selected in the Colour view.

Contour Editor

Allows you to edit the vector contours of brush strokes, pencil lines and shapes in your artwork. You can add, remove, tweak and move vector points, move the Bezier handles of the vector points as well as deform vector outlines.


Allows you to cut a part of your artwork, then reposition, scale, rotate and skew it.


Allows you to deform artwork by applying a perspective effect on it.


A pressure-sensitive tool for creating a contour shape with a thick and thin line effect, as if created with a paint brush.


A pressure-sensitive tool for drawing outlines. Pencil lines are made of central vector lines, making them easier to tweak and edit than brush strokes.


A pressure-sensitive tool for erasing parts of a drawing.


Draws a straight line segment going from one point to the other.




Allows you to add text and to format it.


Allows you to fill colour zones with a colour or texture.

Paint Unpainted

Allows you to quickly fill empty zones in your artwork with a colour or texture, leaving filled zones unchanged.


Allows you to empty filled colour zones of their colour and texture.

Close Gap

Allows you to close open shapes so that they can be filled with the Paint tool. By drawing a stroke near a small gap in a shape, this tool will create a small invisible stroke connecting the two closest points around the gap.

Edit Gradient/Texture

Allows you to adjust the position, angle and size of gradients and textures in a colour zone.


Allows you to select a colour by clicking on a colour in your artwork.


Allows you to pan the Stage and Camera views.


Allows you zoom in and out of the Stage and Camera views.

Rotate View

Lets you rotate the Stage and Camera views just like with a real animation disc.

3D Navigation

3D Flying Navigation


Bring to Front

Moves the selected art to the front (on top).

Bring Forward

Moves the selected art one level forward (closer to the front).

Send Backward

Moves the selected art one level lower (behind).

Send to Back

Moves the selected art behind everything (bottom / back).


Flip Horizontal

Flips the current selection horizontally.

Flip Vertical

Flips the current selection vertically.

Rotate 90 CW

Rotates the current selection 90 degrees clockwise.

Rotate 90 CCW

Rotates the current selection 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

Rotate 180

Rotates the current selection 180 degrees.


Pencil Lines to Brush Strokes

Changes a centre line pencil stroke to a contour line brush stroke.

Brush Strokes to Pencil Lines

Changes a centre line (pencil) stroke to a contour line (brush) stroke.

When drawing on vector layers, you may want to change brush strokes to pencil lines to convert contour strokes into centre line pencil strokes.

NOTE Any line thickness information is lost upon conversion from brush to pencil.

Strokes to Pencil Lines

Break Apart Text Layers

Text contained in a text field is treated as a single drawing object. This option separates text so that each character becomes an individual drawing object that you can select and modify independently.

NOTE After your text has been broken apart twice, into a regular drawing object, you can use all the drawing tools such as the Eraser tool, on the drawing. Be aware that if you want to use the Perspective tool on the text, you should create the text on a vector layer before breaking it apart twice; then you can use the Perspective tool on it.

Layer Transform

Lets you reposition, scale, rotate and even skew layers in the Camera view.

Maintain Size

Scales drawing layers when they are moved on the Z-axis to preserve their size in the camera.

Create Layer on Surface

Creates a new layer on top of the hovered surface.


Lets you add camera movements to scenes and set keyframes to animate it over time.



Lets you set the position of the content of the panels for the entire scene so it fits the camera frame you defined.

NOTE When setting the camera frame using the Reframe tool, it is not possible to reset it to its former position.


Merges Merges drawing objects and brush strokes into a single layer. If you draw new lines to fix a drawing or line with many brush strokes, it can be useful to flatten them all into a single shape. By default, lines are drawn one on top of each other. If you intend to repaint the lines or modify their shape, it will be easier if they are flattened.