Clips Menu

The Sound menu lets you add sound to your storyboard.

Command Description
Find Sound Clips Allows you to search for sound clips in your project by their clip name. The Timeline view will automatically focus on matching sound clips.

Split Clip at Current Frame

Splits the selected video or sound clip at the current frame, separating it into two independent clips.

Show Waveform

Displays a waveform inside the audio clip, allowing you to see where the audio peaks so you can sync the action with it.

Show Volume Envelope

Displays a volume envelope throughout the sound clip. By default, this envelope is a straight line in the middle of the clip, indicating that the volume of the clip is neutral all throughout. You can add keyframes to the envelope, and move them up or down to modulate the volume of the sound clip as it plays.

Show Sound Clip Name

Displays the name of the audio file inside each sound clip.

Overwrite Clips

Enable this option to be able to move a video or sound clip over another video or sound clip. The part of the target clip that meshes with the clip being moved will be cut out.