Caption Menu

The Caption menu lets you add captions to panels and the Storyboard view. In addition, it enables you to delete, rename, format and search captions.

Command Description

Add Caption to Storyboard

Lets you add captions to the Storyboard view. In the Storyboard view, by default, there is only one caption field which is called Script.

Add Caption to Panels

Lets you add a new caption for your panels. In each panel, there are two caption fields: Dialogue and Action Notes.

Add Sketch to Current Panel

Lets you add drawn indications to a panel’s caption just like in a traditional storyboard. First, you must add a Sketch caption to your panel—see About Captions.

NOTE You cannot add a sketch caption to the Storyboard view.

Delete Caption

Panel: Dialogue

Removes a caption you no longer need. You can remove captions from the panels or storyboard.

NOTE If you remove a caption that has text or a sketch, they will both be removed permanently.

Panel: Action Notes

Storyboard: Script

Rename Caption

Panel: Dialogue

Lets you rename a caption you no longer need. You can rename captions in the panels or storyboard.

Panel: Action Notes

Storyboard: Script

Format Captions

Once you have imported, dragged and dropped, or typed some text into your storyboard captions, you can use the Format Captions window to enhance it.

Find Text in Captions

Lets you search captions to find a specific part of your text. This is useful when you have a large number of captions and text in your project.

Save Captions Layout as Default

Lets you save your current caption combination and layout. You can save it as the default caption layout for any future Storyboard Pro projects. The next project you create will automatically have this layout by default.

Show/Hide Captions

Shows or hides captions to streamline your project visually.

Captions Default Format Lets you set the default caption font and font size for new captions that are added to the project.