Camera Menu

The Camera menu lets you enhance your animatics by adding camera movements to the scenes. An example of a camera movement would be if you wanted the camera to go from a wide shot and then zoom in to a close up.

Command Description

Copy Camera from Selected Panels

Copies a selected camera keyframe from a selected panel.

Paste and Fit Camera on Selected Panels

Pastes a copied camera keyframe in a selected panel.

Align Camera Keyframe with Stage View Position

Fits the camera frame to the current space available in the Stage view while retaining its original ratio. This is very useful in 3D scenes.

Align Camera Keyframe at Beginning of Panel

Align Camera Keyframe at Current Frame

Align Camera Keyframe at the End of Panel

Remove Camera Keyframes at Current Frame

Deletes the camera keyframe at the current location of the red playhead.

Remove Selected Camera Keyframes

Deletes the selected camera keyframes.

Reset Selected Camera Keyframes


Reset Camera

Removes all the keyframes in your scene and reverts them back to the original Static Camera.

Keyframes Sync Mode


Makes your keyframes remain exactly where they are when you change the panel duration. You will lose keyframes that are not within the range of the scene.

Relative to Camera

Relative to Shot