Track Changes Window

The Track Changes window lets you track changes by date. If a storyboard becomes very large, it may be easier to track changes made on a specific date.

For tasks related to this window, see Tracking Changes.

Parameter Description

From and To

Lets you define a particular time range in which to track changes. If you want to track changes done on one specific day, place that day’s date in both the From and To fields. Click the From button and select the first date. Only the dates at which a change occurred will be available. The other dates will appear dimmed.

Information display

The first line displays the number of panels found in the storyboard that have been modified during the defined time range, and the panel that is currently selected.The second line displays information about the currently selected panel, such as which scene it is part of, the name of the panel, and the date it was last modified.

Mark as Changed

Marks the currently selected panel as being edited on the current date; this is the default option. Click the button to activate it.

Mark as Scene Changed

Marks the scene of the currently selected panel as being edited on the current date.

Mark All as Changed

Marks all the storyboard panels as being edited on the current date.

Previous and Next

Navigates from one modified panel to the next.