Rename Panel Dialog Box

The Rename Panel dialog box lets you renamed a selected sequence . You can also rename Panel in the Panel view.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see How to rename sequences with the Rename Sequence command.

Parameter Description

New Name

The new name of the panel.

Renaming Rule for Subsequent Panel

Current Pane lOnly

Renames only the selected panel.

Renumber Panels

Renumbers the current panel, as well as all the panel that follow.

Renumber Selected Panel

Renumbers the first selected panel of a multiselection, as well as all the following panel that are part of the multiselection.

Renumber Prefix Only

Renumbers the panel's numerical prefixes beginning at the selected panel. The new name must be a numerical value.

Renumbered Panel Names

Displays the current and new names for all the panels that will be affected by the renaming process.