Import CSV Window

The Import CSV window lets you update your spreadsheet if there are major changes, such as the dialogue. Working this way allows you to import the updated CSV into Storyboard Pro to update all caption fields.

For tasks related to this window, see About Captions.

Parameter Description

Folder location

Lets you locate the .csv file.


Displays the caption fields that were updated. Any captions you modify in the *.csv file are also updated in the caption fields of your Storyboard Pro project.CSV files exported from Storyboard Pro are UTF-8. CSV files can be modified in Microsoft Excel if all the characters are part of the Latin character set. If non-Latin characters are used, the CSV files can be edited using Open Office.CSV files exported from Storyboard Pro can be edited in either Microsoft Excel or Open Office. Excel does not display non-English characters properly and will not recognize them when importing to Storyboard Pro.