Export to FBX Dialog Box

The Export FBX dialog box allows you export scenes, sequences or your entire animatic into animated Filmbox (.fbx) files. This can be useful if your project has 3D elements. The exported Filmbox (.fbx) file will contain all the 2D and 3D elements in your animatic as well as their animation. You can them import it in a third-party software and use it as a template to create the 3D animations for your production.

Parameter Description

Destination Path


Allows you to specify the directory in which to save the exported files. You can click on the Browse button right of the field to browse your file system and select the destination folder.

File Pattern

Allows you to enter the prefix or the pattern for the names of the exported files. You can leave this field blank to use the default file naming pattern, type in a file name to use it as a prefix, or type a full pattern using the following variables:

  • %t - Project title
  • %a - Act number
  • %q - Sequence number
  • %s - Scene number
TIP Numbers used in file naming patterns are automatically padded by zeros as needed. You can type a number between the % sign and the variable letter to determine the amount of characters you want the variable to use. For example, with the variable %4s, scene 1 would appear as scene 0001.


Export Camera Frame

Includes the camera frame's black border in the scene.

One Clip

Per Scene: Exports one clip per scene.

Per Project: Exports one clip for the entire project.

Per Sequence: Exports one clip per sequence. This option is available only if your project contains sequences.

Export Range


Includes all the scenes in your project.

Current Scene

Includes only the scene you selected when you opened this dialog box.

Current Sequence

Includes only the scenes from the sequence you selected when you opened this dialog box. This option will only be visible if your project contains sequences.

Open folder after export

Opens the folder in which files were exported in a file browser once the export is done.