Colour Picker Window

The Colour Picker window lets you select and customize colours, create solid or gradient colours, store colours in the colour storage library and open the Multiwheel Colour window.

For tasks related to this dialog box, see About Colour, Creating Gradients and Using the Edit Gradient - Texture Tool.

Parameter Description

Colour slider

Displays the colour gradation of the colour selected in the colour picking area.

Colour picking area

Displays a colour range with a cursor which you can drag to select a colour. This display changes when you select one of the these options: H, S, V, R, B, or B.

Add Colour

Adds the selected colour to the colour storage library.

Colour Storage Library

Lets you save colours you have defined.

Multiwheel Mode

Opens the Multiwheel Colour window—see Multiwheel Colour Window.

Current Colour

Displays the current colour on the left side. On the right side is the currently you are modifying.

Colour Scale

Displays the hue selected in the colour picking and colour slider areas, and its different values.


Lets you select a colour from any place on your screen. Hold down the Dropper and drag to the desired colour and release to select the colour.

H, S, V

Displays the hue, saturation or value of a selected colour in the colour picking area.


Displays the red, green or blue colour wheel.


Lets you change the transparency level by typing in a value or dragging the slider.


Creates an even, uniform colour.


Lets you create a linear or radial gradient—see Creating Gradients and Using the Edit Gradient - Texture Tool.

Gradient Scale

Displays a colour range and arrows. Move the arrows to define the gradient colours.

Gradient Preview

Displays a preview of the gradient as you move the arrows on the gradient scale.


Creates a linear gradient.


Creates a radial (circular) gradient.