Flattening Drawings


In Storyboard Pro, strokes inside a vector layer are independent. You can select a specific stroke and edit its position, scale, rotation, skew, colour and so on, whenever you want. However, this flexibility increases the amount of memory and resources used, especially when you have a lot of strokes in your drawing (which frequently happens when sketching).

You can flatten all drawings at the same time. However, you can retain partial flexibility and still minimize file size and resources needed by consciously flattening certain drawings as you draw, or even by selecting them after you have drawn them. You can take all strokes of the same colour with overlapping areas on the same layer and flatten them to create a single drawing with a vector contour.

Pencil lines of the same colour can be flattened together. If there are several colours used for the line, multiple line sets will be created. Pencil line size does not affect the flatten.

When you use the Flatten option in the Tools menu, Storyboard Pro automatically crops all textures, reducing the drawing size by removing the texture area which is not visible.