About Saving

It is important to regularly save your project. For more information about the structure of a saved project, see About Projects.

To save the current state of a project as a new one, you can use the Save As command. The Save As window prompts you to give a new name and choose a different location to this project before saving it. This will create a complete project directory for the new project.

You can also configure Storyboard Pro to automatically save your work—seeAuto-saving Your Project.

A Storyboard Pro project is composed of many small files. Each drawing in a project is a file, which may result in projects containing over 10,000 files. This can quickly fill your storage solution with a high number of files, straining the file system and backup process.

You can reduce the number of files and protect the integrity of projects by saving (packing) the project in a single file. A packed project file is appended with the .sbpz extension.

NOTE See About Project Management to learn more about splitting and merging projects.