Tools Preferences

Parameter Description


Use Rotation Lever with Transformation Tools

Displays a handle for use with the Select, Cutter and Transform tools. The handle lets you easily manipulate a stroke.


Use Lasso Selection as Default

When this option is enabled, the Select tool behaves as a lasso selector. When this option is disabled, the Select tool behaves as a rectangle selector.

Synchronize Eraser and Brush

Syncs the brush and eraser, so they are the same size. Be default, this option is deselected.

Select Tool Bounding Box is Movable

Lets you move the contents of a bounding box without having to position the cursor over a specific stroke. This applies to the following tools: Select, Select by Colour, and Cutter.

Brush Size Cursor

When this option is enabled, the brush tool displays the brush size as a circle around the cursor.

Stroke Texture Quality

Specifies a texture quality value between very low and very high for the brush stroke, or accepts the default value of low.

Warn When Flattening Drawings

A warning displays when drawings will be flattened in a project. Flattens all the brush or pencil line strokes of all the vector drawings in your project. This means that all overlapping strokes will no longer be editable as single strokes, but only as whole, drawn objects.


Transform Tool Uses Drawing Pivot (Requires Relaunch)

Places the Layer Transformation tool’s pivot at the centre of the selected layer’s frame. When deselected, the Last Frame Transformation and First Frame Transformation tools’ pivot is at the centre of the selected layer’s bounding box.