Navigating the Storyboard

Navigating through your storyboard lets you see how your project is progressing. You can scrub through a scene, view a specific point in the scene, see it in slow motion, or check a particular section.

The slider lets you scrub through all the panels in a scene. You will see the camera motions and the transitions at the speed you want by sliding left or right. Sliding left brings you to the beginning of the scene and sliding right brings you to the end. Transitions, camera moves, and all panels will be displayed.

As you select or scrub through panels and scenes, the name and number of the current scene and panel are displayed.

As you navigate through the panels of your storyboard by either using shortcuts, clicking on panels or using the navigation buttons, you can automatically play the camera moves.

NOTE When you select a panel that contains a camera move, it will automatically play. If you do not want to see the transitions or camera motions, deselect the Camera Mode button in the Control Panel view.