Separating 3D Sub-Objects for Animation


If you want to animate a specific part of a 3D model, you must separate it from the 3D model into its own 3D model. Separating a sub-object from its 3D model will store it into its own layer in the panel. You will then be able to animate the original model and the separated sub-object separately, since each layer in your panel can be transformed and animated independently.

NOTE Separating a sub-object from its model does not actually modify the 3D model. It simply duplicates the 3D model. In the original model, the sub-object is hidden. In the duplicated model, everything but the sub-object is hidden. This creates the illusion that there is one model for the sub-object and another one for the remainder of the 3D model, but they both use the same 3D model in the 3D Models library.