Importing 3D Objects

Before adding 3D objects to panels in your storyboard, you must first import them to your library. When you import a 3D model, it is automatically added to the 3D Models library of your project, in the Library view. You can then drag and drop that 3D model to each panel in which you want to use it, without having to import it over and over again.

Storyboard Pro supports the following types of 3D models:

  • Filmbox (.fbx)
  • 3DS Max (.3ds)
  • Wavefront OBJ (.obj)
  • Allembic (.abc)
  • Collada (.dae)

In addition to importing 3D objects into the 3D Models folder in the Library view, you can also open a folder containing 3D models as a library in the Library view. The models can then be dragged and dropped into the scene directly from that library.

NOTE When a model is added to a panel from a library other than the 3D Models library, it is also added to the 3D Models library at the same time.