About Templates


If you want to reuse artwork, layers, panels or camera motions from your project in the same or other projects, you can create a template out of it. A template is a package containing a copy of the assets you stored in it, and which can easily be copied into any project as many times as needed.

Storyboard Pro templates can be made with the following types of assets:

Template Type Content
Layer The artwork, 3D models, layer animation, opacity of the layer or layers.
Panel The length of the panel, its camera movements, all of its layers and 3D models, their layer animation and their opacity
Video clip The video file, its In and Out points, its animation and its opacity
Sound clip The sound file, its In and Out points and its volume envelope
Camera movement Camera animation keyframes
Layer animation The layer's artwork and its animation keyframes
NOTE When you create a template, it is not linked to the original project. A copy of the assets are created for the template, and you can modify the original project without affecting your template. Likewise, when you import a template into your project, it is copied into your project. Making changes to the template will not affect its imported copies, and you can make changes to the imported assets without affecting the template.