About Library Folders


By default, there are four libraries available in the Library view: 

  • 3D Models: The library in which all 3D models used by your projects are stored. This library is exclusive to the current project—see About 3D Objects.
  • Shared: The library in which all shared drawings in your project are stored. This library is exclusive to the current project—see Sharing Drawings.
  • Global: The default library to use for sharing assets between projects. This library is stored in the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro Library sub-folder of your Documents folder.
  • Templates: A library of sample drawings bundled with Storyboard Pro.

Hence, the go-to library for creating templates is the Global library. However, as you will probably create a large number of templates, you might eventually need to organize the assets into different libraries. For example, you may want to create libraries for characters, props, backgrounds, panels, sound clips, and any other type of asset your project needs to re-use. You can add as many libraries as you wish to the Library view, each of which can store different types of templates.

Each library in the Library view corresponds to a folder in your workstation's file system. Since those folders can contain sub-folders, and the Library view allows you to browse sub-folders in a library, you can also organize the templates inside your libraries by storing them in different sub-folders.