Viewing the List of Layers

The go-to way of selecting and managing layers in a panel is to use the Layer panel, which is, by default, in the right section of the Stage and Camera views.

However, it is also possible to add the Layers view to your workspace, which works the same way. You can then hide the Layer panel by clicking on its Collapse button in its top-left corner, leaving more space to work in the Stage and Camera views.

NOTE The Layers view also has extra functionalities. You can decide whether the layer is included in certain types of export, and you can configure the layer to follow the camera movements or, for 3D scenes, to make it follow the camera's angle—see Enabling and Disabling Layers for Export and Aligning 2D Layers with a 3D Camera

You can also manage layers using the Thumbnails view. If the size of the Thumbnails view is big enough, each panel in it will have a vertical list of layers on its right edge, which allows you to scroll through and select layers. Left of the Thumbnails view, under the Tools toolbar, is a Layer toolbar, which allows you to add and remove layers to the selected panel.

There are several ways to display layers in Storyboard Pro. The two main ways are in the Layer panel of the Stage and Camera views, and the Layers view. Both views display a thumbnail of each layer, followed by their name and some toggle buttons to control the behavior of your layers.