Converting a Template or Group to a Drawing Layer

If you have imported an animated template or a template containing multiple elements, for example, a template created in Harmony, or a template made from importing a Flash Movie (.swf) file, you might not be able to edit it with the drawing tools. This is because the template is not a simple drawing layer.

To remedy this, you can convert layers that contain templates into simple drawing layers. Likewise, you can convert a group of drawing layers to a single drawing layer using the same method.

  • In Storyboard Pro, a drawing layer can only contain one drawing for the whole panel, whereas a template may be animated and contain several frames with different drawings in each frame. If you convert an animated template to a drawing, the appearance of the template at current frame will be used to generate a static drawing layer.
  • Converting a template or a group to a drawing will discard any 3D object they contain.