About Storyboard Pro

Storyboard Pro is a full-featured storyboard and animatic creation software for animated features, TV series, projects mixing 2D and 3D, live action productions, video games, or events with advanced features.

With Storyboard Pro, you can create anything from a simple storyboard with thumbnails and captions to a fully animated animatic with sound effects, music, transitions and video clips. Among other things, you can create your project's structure of scenes and panels and fill them with artwork using Storyboard Pro's powerful set of vector and bitmap drawing tools, time each panel for the animatic, apply static or animated transformations on your drawings, position layers in a 3D space, add 2D or 3D camera movements to your scene, import 3D models to your panels, cue and edit sound effects and split your project to have several collaborators work on it together.

When you're done working on your storyboard or animatic, you can export your project in various formats such as a standard PDF storyboard, movie files, video editing sequence and, if your production uses Harmony, you can even export your project's scenes into Harmony scenes to kick-start the animation process.

The Storyboard Pro Online Help will help you get familiarized with Storyboard Pro's extensive set of features and answer any questions you may have about the application's functionalities. It is divided in the following major sections:

  • The Getting Started Guide contains introductions and basic steps for using the most important and basic features in Storyboard Pro.  Among other things, this short guide will introduce you to the user interface and get you started creating a basic storyboard, adding captions, using 3D models, creating a full-featured animatic and exporting your project in common sharing formats.
  • The User Guide contains introductions to the concepts behind every feature in Storyboard Pro followed by step by step guides on how to accomplish their intended tasks.
  • The Reference Guide documents in detail each button and option in each view, toolbar, menu, and dialog box in the user interface. It is the go-to section if any specific area of the application raises a question.
  • The Preferences Guide documents the purpose of each one of the many preferences available in the Preferences dialog box.
  • The Keyboard Shortcuts guide is simply a handy list of Storyboard Pro's default keyboard shortcuts, which is a great document to have around when you want to learn how to optimize your production speed.

If you wish, you can download copies of the documentation in PDF format for offline use and print from the Toon Boom PDF Documentation page.