About Views


The Storyboard Pro user interface is comprised of different views, each one designed for a specific purpose. You can modify the location and accessibility of the views by adding a new view as a tab or as a window. You can also swap the view locations around, as well as do the following:

  • Add a view
  • Tab a view
  • Dock a view
  • Undock a view
  • Rename a view
  • Close a view
  • Move a view
  • Resize a view
  • Collapse a view
  • Expand a view

For details about the views in Storyboard Pro, see Reference GuideAbout Views.

Here is a complete list of the views available in Storyboard Pro.

  • 3D Schematic
  • Camera
  • Colour
  • Function Editor
  • Guides
  • Layers
  • Library
  • Message Log
  • Panel
  • Panel PDF Options
  • PDF Export
  • Pitch Mode
  • Script Editor
  • Side
  • Stage
  • Storyboard
  • Thumbnails
  • Timeline
  • Tool Properties
  • Top