How to Export your Project

Once you have finished your storyboard or animatic, you can export it to take it to the next stage of your production. 

If you look in the File > Export menu in the top menu, you will see that there are many ways of exporting your project. This chapter will introduce you to three commonly used types of export:

  • PDF: Exporting your storyboard as Portable Document File (.pdf) creates a document containing a traditional-style animation storyboard, presenting each panels in their chronological order, with their scene and panel numbers as well as their captions. In this format, you can print it or share it digitally, and it can be used as reference or as pitching material.
  • Movie: Exporting your animatic as a movie allows you to share your animatic with project collaborators as well as to import it into third party software.
  • Harmony: You can export each scene in your animatic into separate Toon Boom Harmony scenes, with the panels inserted into the scenes so they can be used as references to create the animation. If you intend to create your animation in Storyboard Pro, this allows you to quickly take the production from the storyboarding stage to animation.

Exporting a PDF

Exporting a PDF will create a traditional animation storyboard displaying the panels along with their scene and panel number and their captions.

NOTE Viewing a PDF file requires a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, which you can download from the following page:

Exporting a Movie

Once you have created your storyboard and animatic, you can export it as a movie file to share it with project collaborators or import it in third party software. You can export your animatic as a video file with audio, or as a sequence of image files, the latter which can be assembled in Harmony or in a third party software.

Exporting to Harmony

Storyboard Pro can automatically export each scene in your project into a scene that can be opened in Harmony, where you can use the animatic to create and time your animation. The resulting Harmony scenes will be the same length as the scenes in your Storyboard Pro project, they will contain each of their panels so that you may animate over them, and they will contain their respective part of the animatic's soundtrack.