Exporting Harmony Scenes


Storyboard Pro can automatically export each scene in your project into a scene that can be opened in Harmony, where you can use the animatic to create and time your animation. The resulting Harmony scenes will be the same length as the scenes in your Storyboard Pro project, they will contain each of their panels so that you may animate over them, and they will contain their respective part of the animatic's soundtrack.

You can choose to export your animatic in rendered frames, which will not be editable in Harmony and can only be used as reference, or to export the drawings, 3D objects and camera movements of each scene in your project directly into the Harmony scenes, allowing you to reuse its elements in Harmony. If you are rendering your animatic, you can choose whether you want to export one scene for the whole project, for each sequence or for each act, whereas if you want to export original scenes, you can only export one Harmony scene for each scene in your animatic.

  • Transitions in your project are not exported to Harmony.
  • If you choose to export original scenes instead of the rendered animatic, the content of video tracks will not be included in the exported Harmony scenes.